After exactly two months, new version of APL2000 released. It has another revolutionally changes - it builds directshow graph manually including file readers, splitters, decoders, renderers and additional filters (compatible with ATV2000). Read more:
- directshow graph is completely build manually with direct connect, so you have total check on used filters
- video and audio decoders are specified with external files
- can set priority of used video and audio decoders
- added possibility to include additional video and audio filters, compatible with ATV2000, install into Filters directory
- added Filters dialog box, same as in ATV2000
- elements in open files dialog can be resized independent
- media properties dialog box shows aspect ratio
- video bitrate statistics is disabled for WMV9 (it didn't work)
- fixed opening files with drag&drop
- fixed opening files when lunching another instance of player
- fixed a lot of other bugs (i don't remember exactly as i'm writing this history later), but may be some new bugs introduced for too many changes in source code (write me, fixes will be ASAP)
Download it here.

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Date: Sun 19.Sep.2004, 23:00
Topic: Software

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