New version of ATV2000 released. It contains a lot of improvements and bug fixes, so check it out.
- added support for cards with hardware DivX and MPEG video encoders
- when setting video format, corresponding format is first obtained with pins capabilities and then required parameters changed in it
- can set bitrate for capture and preview format - usable only for compressed formats, set to -1 to disable bitrate setting, 0 for uncompressed formats like RGB or YUV, also it may not work for all formats, but for hardware MPEG encoders it should work (tested with Plextor ConvertX USB device)
- fixed hiding of cursor introduced in
- fixed reading of capture size from registry
- fixed enumeration of audio devices with no video devices
- choice of TV channels via keyboard can be speed up with Enter after number of TV channel
- TVTuner, TVAudio and TVCrossbar interfaces are searched on video capture capture device too, needed for some devices, that has no independent tuner or crossbar filters (for example VXIS7012)
- added support for Video Mixing Renderer 9
- fixed aspect ratio corrections in VMR7 and VMR9 renderers
- fixed wrong flipping of video in Video converter filter, when converting RGB to RGB with one negative height value
- Video converter filter now supports increase of width on output to avoid connecting errors on some video cards (Parhelia, Geforce)
- can show property page of audio compressor (the state is not remembered yet)
- support for InterVideo MPEG encoder contained in WinDVR 2
Download it here.

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Date: Sat 05.Mar.2005, 23:00
Topic: Software

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