First public (experimental) version of ATV3 released

Here is first version of ATV3 - digital (DVB-T) viewer, still under development and preview release only. Implemented main functionality for reception, teletext and EPG. There is no OSD and no capture, it will be implemented in future versions. It requires DVB-T card with BDA drivers, DirectX 9 and ffdshow installed. Release notes:

- first public release
- implemented main functionality for viewing of video stream
- needed Video Mixing Renderer 9 (VMR9) for future functionality
- needed ffdshow video decoder
- implemented DVB sections reader for channel scanning and EPG
- rewritten teletext decoder filter from ATV2000 to support VMR9 mixing (some bugs expected for use with ATV2000, so it is not recommended to use ATV2000 and ATV3 at the same time with teletext)
- implemented base EPG data viewing, will be rewritten

You can download it here.

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Date: Mon 07.Apr.2008, 6:04
Topic: Software

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