A present for holiday - ATV2000 version, as there are many internal changes, it is released as beta, it will solve many problems from previous versions:
- support for multiple mixer devices
- expanded video formats to be compatible with Microsoft's  WDM specification
- WDM capture and preview pin query based on pin's category  (support for USB devices)
- changed TV card plugins interface and make compatible  with new capture DLL
- capture part is now DLL plugin and supports interface same  as TV Card plugins (internal)
- removed General WDM plugin as it is now the same as internal  WDM support
- control of TV Card plugins and capture plugins is synchronized  (no more noise at start up, better WDM support)
- as capture part is DLL - in future will be back ATI-TV and MatroxRRG support for VfW in Windows 9x (if requested)
- separated channel number from channel name in OSD
- changed OSD size from 1/height to percents of window height, so  previous settings will be reset
- a lot of OSD source corrections
- support for volume, bass and treble in BT8xx adqusition driver (for cards with MSP34xx sound decoder)
- volume adjustment changed from -50..50% to -20..20dB
- added option to permanent cache teletext pages
- improved teletext raw VBI data decoding
- fixed crash with some WMV files in player
- btdrv.dll now included in installation of BT8x8 support
- since a lot of changes in program structure, expect some bugs, so this version is released as beta
Download as usually here.

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Date: Sun 29.Jun.2003, 23:00
Topic: Software

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