ATV2000 version
- fixed preview pin query with AIW cards in WDM
- fixed teletext display
- transparent display should work on VfW
- changed minimizing of video window to hiding
- fixed changing of capture application
- fixed behavior when supported features of TV Card changed
- fixed redrawing of letterboxed window in fullscreen mode in WDM
- fixed ignoring of video capture notify message in WDM
- fixed /tune parameter
- fixed /file parameter
- changed /debug parameter to /log
- improved subtitles parsing and control codes strip in subtitles in player (TV Zuggy)
- some minor fixed bugs and code cleanup

- added: Remote control - Setup: order of commands could be changed
- added: XP theme support
- fixed: Remote control - Setup - Command: after deleting of command the next item is focused and Setup is updated
- fixed: Remote control - Commands - Command combo box: AutoComplete, AutoDropDown, Sorted & more default commands
- fixed: Remote control - Commands - New command: the relevant row is selected after adding a command
- fixed: Scheduler - Setup - Time typed by keyboard
- fixed: added default arc/arp extensions to open/save dialogs to prevent extensionless filename
- fixed: ash/arc/arp saved to bad location after you load/save some file in ARC
- fixed: removed 'File not found' message after each start of ARC in case you've deleted your arc file
- changed: scheduler ready for ATV2000 2.0.20.x and above ('ATV2000 Window' -> 'ATV2000') - not usable for older versions!
- added option to start ARC2000 as system service
- added option to restart computer when setting wake-up time (needed by some motherboards to activate it)
- changed date and time on scheduler to accept year too, not compatible with previous file version
- on-the-fly sorting of scheduler items in scheduler config, bad items marked as '?' and elapsed items as '-'

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Date: Mon 07.Jul.2003, 23:00
Topic: Software

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