Another big release. ATV2000 released. what's new:
- video containers (file format) are now specified in external file for better compatibility with new formats and with support for hardware encoders, also each container has different compressors
- support for combined video/audio compressors with two inputs and one output
- removed switch "Use capture pin for preview"
- new option to select video capture pin for preview
- new option to select audio capture pin
- new option to insert video converter for preview, this is needed for some cards that do not use standard encoding formats like YUY2
- support for IYUV format in Video Converter
- after wrong card initialization application will exit properly
- parameters of DirectShow video compressors are saved like on VCM codecs
- graph paused when showing video compressor configuration dialog, some compressors crash if not
- configuration can be exported to registry file for backup
- fixed loading of configuration in BT8x8 plugin
- there are many changes in source code, so please excuse some bugs, if you find some, send me mail with log file, i'll try to fix them
In other words - support for more capture devices and more video containers like MPEG. Download it here and also check for more containers. Please be sure that the number of supported devices and encoders will grow.

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Date: Thu 03.Jun.2004, 23:00
Topic: Software

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