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Posted by Mike on Wed 03.Dec.2003, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

New version of ARC2000 with support for Girder hardware plugins, API 3.2/4.0 and API 3.1 too, tested with UIR plugins only. Download it here.
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Posted by Mike on Wed 26.Nov.2003, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

New version of ARC2000 with HTTP server for scheduler with password protection and different CSS style support. Download it here.
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Posted by Mike on Wed 12.Nov.2003, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

Thanks to Ivo for new remote control plugin for ARC2000 for TV Card MuchTV PCI. Download it here.
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Posted by Mike on Sun 09.Nov.2003, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

New version ATV2000, it is mostly experimental version capable of VMR with new teletext decoder, but if you will not use those two features, you should not have any problems. But better - a lot of bugs fixed.
- new experimental teletext decoder, which acts no more as video renderer, but as transform filter with output to video renderer or overlay mixer, it will be used in future for capturing teletext pages to file (subtitles for example)
- added still image capture to JPEG files
- added functionality to set video renderer in WDM
- added possibility to use Video Mixing Renderer or DScaler Renderer if available (experimental - use on your own risk!)
- added /qac parameter
- improved filter graph building and error scenarios
- improved and enabled country switching in WDM, it has still some issues but is usable, don't use it if not needed for sound system
  switching on some drivers (for example on WinFast TV2000 XP cards)
- added option to disable muting when switching channels
- added option to ignore country settings when switching channels
- middle button now shows channel menu or switches to fullscreen
- fixed crash in WDM with Windows XP and no capture device
- fixed crash if wrong or no capture file specified in WDM
- fixed destroying of application when Alt+F4 pressed on video window
- fixed not working switching to fullscreen with double click on window in teletext mode
- added support for UYVY encoding in Special Effects filter
- statistics filter will write media format GUID to log file
- added French translation by Arthur Agapoff
Enjoy and download here.
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Posted by Mike on Tue 28.Oct.2003, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

New version of DiscScanner, supports exchanging of directories with files and creating playlist of directories only without files
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Posted by Mike on Tue 14.Oct.2003, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

ARC2000 is mostly bug fix release:
- fixed dropdown menu in scheduler with more then 8 items
- added support for switching of video input in ATV2000 (ext and svhs)
- added list box with window captions of all running applications in system in remote setup
- fixed unworking function keys F5-F8
Download it here.
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Posted by Mike on Wed 24.Sep.2003, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

ATV2000 released, what's new:
- new tree-based playlist in Player with support for multiple video
  titles with independent subtitles assignment
- Player accepts drag and drop files from explorer
- added /ext and /svhs command parameters
- mouse wheel up/down works for teletext browsing too
- fixed non-working number keys on main keyboard
Download it here.
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Posted by Mike on Thu 18.Sep.2003, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

ATV2000 released, what's new:
- added hue adjustment for every channel
- added country code adjustment for every channel, this is needed for some capture devices that has not sound system detection and switch sound system via country code (experimental and disabled)
- fixed caption in Decimate filter
- fixed storing of audio capture enable in profiles
- fixed video window was not parent if first initialization failed
- fixed connecting of filters when starting in capture mode
- changed disabling of OSD in teletext mode to disabling of transparency
- fixed bad french diacritic in teletext
- HTML saving is not implemented, so it will fail instead of saving to unformatted text
Download  here.
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Posted by Mike on Mon 01.Sep.2003, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

New version of PV951 remote plugin for ARC2000 by Polik and Radim Novotny. Get it on Remotes page.
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Posted by Mike on Mon 18.Aug.2003, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

ATV2000 released, what's new:
- support for capture to Matroska files in WDM, muxer
  from http://gabest.org required
- fixed wrong setting of VCM codecs caused by stupid DirectShow
  implementation of SetState method
- fixed access violation error when setting file type and no audio
  device is present
- fixed closing of video window on closing of About window
- support for Loop button in skin (only "remote" panel)
- OSD localization
- added Decimate filter
- added Greek language by Michael Chourdakis
Download as usually here.
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Posted by Mike on Mon 21.Jul.2003, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

- updated skin code
- skin with standard labels for display
- new Media9 skin
- support for Minimize and Close buttons in skin
- fixed crash on WinXP
- Audio Player using DirectX 8.1 libraries
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Posted by Mike on Wed 16.Jul.2003, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

ATV2000, another bug fix release with some improvements and new skin inside!
- fixed overflow of OSD Bar when first pressed key was 'down'
- fixed overflow when changing channels with mouse wheel
- skin can load JPG images too
- changed default plugin images from BMP to JPG - smaller size
- aspect ratio correction for non 4:3 resolutions assuming  display size is always 4:3
- fixed showing of panel when request for show or showmodal  to some other window called (uffff)
- cleaned up skin source code, fixed some bugs
- fixed bad behavior of skin buttons in DLL (CapPanel)
- fixed tuning of station in Channels setup if Test button checked
- added feature to show available time for capturing in capture panel  (must be supported by skin - Media9 skin supports it)
- cleaned up interface to capture panel
- capture panel supports new buttons: mute, next, prev, minimize,  fullscreen, close, exit
- more precision file and disk sizes in capture panel
- added Media9 skin based on 9series skin (looks like Windows   Media Player 9)
- some bugs fixed in Player
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Posted by Mike on Thu 10.Jul.2003, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

ATV2000, this is bug fix release:
- added Bulgarian translation by Mushta Andrew
- fixed setting of video system with BT8x8 plugin - must be set in
  WDM driver too
- fixed brightness value was overwritten in ini with sharpness value
- fixed hiding of application from taskbar if panel was hidden
- synchronized Always on top between panel and video window
- fixed stupid bug avoiding manual tuning of stations
- fixed switching of closed caption when permanent teletext enabled
- fixed no freezing with Pause button on panel
- OSD is disabled when in Teletext mode
- slightly improved VBI decoding
Download here.
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Posted by Mike on Thu 10.Jul.2003, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

New SkinEditor with support for JPG files in buttons and check boxes. Get it here.
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Posted by Mike on Wed 09.Jul.2003, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

Added ATV2000 skin Shcherbak form Mihail Shcherbak. Download on skins page. Thank you!
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Posted by Mike on Mon 07.Jul.2003, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

ATV2000 version
- fixed preview pin query with AIW cards in WDM
- fixed teletext display
- transparent display should work on VfW
- changed minimizing of video window to hiding
- fixed changing of capture application
- fixed behavior when supported features of TV Card changed
- fixed redrawing of letterboxed window in fullscreen mode in WDM
- fixed ignoring of video capture notify message in WDM
- fixed /tune parameter
- fixed /file parameter
- changed /debug parameter to /log
- improved subtitles parsing and control codes strip in subtitles in player (TV Zuggy)
- some minor fixed bugs and code cleanup

- added: Remote control - Setup: order of commands could be changed
- added: XP theme support
- fixed: Remote control - Setup - Command: after deleting of command the next item is focused and Setup is updated
- fixed: Remote control - Commands - Command combo box: AutoComplete, AutoDropDown, Sorted & more default commands
- fixed: Remote control - Commands - New command: the relevant row is selected after adding a command
- fixed: Scheduler - Setup - Time typed by keyboard
- fixed: added default arc/arp extensions to open/save dialogs to prevent extensionless filename
- fixed: ash/arc/arp saved to bad location after you load/save some file in ARC
- fixed: removed 'File not found' message after each start of ARC in case you've deleted your arc file
- changed: scheduler ready for ATV2000 2.0.20.x and above ('ATV2000 Window' -> 'ATV2000') - not usable for older versions!
- added option to start ARC2000 as system service
- added option to restart computer when setting wake-up time (needed by some motherboards to activate it)
- changed date and time on scheduler to accept year too, not compatible with previous file version
- on-the-fly sorting of scheduler items in scheduler config, bad items marked as '?' and elapsed items as '-'
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Posted by Mike on Tue 01.Jul.2003, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

ATV2000 version, still beta, but fixed a lot of GUI bugs:
- can run multiple instances of ATV2000
- fixed keyboard shortcut was active while channel setup was visible (inability to write some characters)
- added checking of unsaved channel settings in channel setup
- fixed after changing of language, TV icons list was empty in channel setup
- fixed sound record source adjustment when changing channel
- disabled buttons and menus for unsupported features of current hardware
Download as usually here.
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Posted by Mike on Mon 30.Jun.2003, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

New plastic and metallic skins for AFM2000 from Aleksey and silver skin from Steve for ATV2000. Thanks.
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Posted by Mike on Sun 29.Jun.2003, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

A present for holiday - ATV2000 version, as there are many internal changes, it is released as beta, it will solve many problems from previous versions:
- support for multiple mixer devices
- expanded video formats to be compatible with Microsoft's  WDM specification
- WDM capture and preview pin query based on pin's category  (support for USB devices)
- changed TV card plugins interface and make compatible  with new capture DLL
- capture part is now DLL plugin and supports interface same  as TV Card plugins (internal)
- removed General WDM plugin as it is now the same as internal  WDM support
- control of TV Card plugins and capture plugins is synchronized  (no more noise at start up, better WDM support)
- as capture part is DLL - in future will be back ATI-TV and MatroxRRG support for VfW in Windows 9x (if requested)
- separated channel number from channel name in OSD
- changed OSD size from 1/height to percents of window height, so  previous settings will be reset
- a lot of OSD source corrections
- support for volume, bass and treble in BT8xx adqusition driver (for cards with MSP34xx sound decoder)
- volume adjustment changed from -50..50% to -20..20dB
- added option to permanent cache teletext pages
- improved teletext raw VBI data decoding
- fixed crash with some WMV files in player
- btdrv.dll now included in installation of BT8x8 support
- since a lot of changes in program structure, expect some bugs, so this version is released as beta
Download as usually here.
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Posted by Mike on Tue 27.May.2003, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

New skin for AFM2000 - Mini, download on AFM2000 Skins page
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