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The site is back
Posted by Mike on Sun 01.Jan.2017, 21:38 (6628 reads)
Topic: News

After upgrade of server the site stopped working. Because I was very busy it took some months to find some time to fix it. Christmas days are days of rest and days of work at postponed tasks. So after 10 years of uptime the site is back. And may be ... some more stuff will be present soon.
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KiCAD Part Manager released
Posted by Mike on Wed 23.Mar.2016, 20:09 (6758 reads)
Topic: Software

If someone is using KiCAD electronic design suite and needs some library data management system with better support for part numbers and creating BOMs for manufacturing, i have created one. It is named KiCAD Part Manager, read more in the article.
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My first project under Linux - GNOME Optical tools
Posted by Mike on Wed 01.Oct.2008, 20:14 (8589 reads)
Topic: Software

2 years ago I began experimenting with Linux and in this time, Linux became my main operating system. It has many advantages over Windows, more possibilities to study new things, create scripts to perform repeated tasks, so it was only matter of time to start with some real project.

GNOME Optical Tools (got for short) is software for info and checking of optical drives a media under Linux. Currently it supports CD and DVD only and is based on Qpxtool, which does the same (and more), but under QT3. GNOME Optical Tools needs Gtk++, so it is best run under GNOME as the name says.

More info and download can you find here.
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ATV2000 released
Posted by Mike on Mon 09.Jun.2008, 9:47 (10973 reads)
Topic: Software

New version of ATV2000 released.

- fixed setting of graph clock for capture drivers with audio pin
- fixed window resize on aspect ratios 16:9 Crop and 24:10 Crop
- fixed some memory leaks

Download it here.
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ATV2000 released
Posted by Mike on Tue 20.May.2008, 16:09 (8748 reads)
Topic: Software

Another update to ATV2000.

- changed shortcut for switch to 16:9 ratio to G and Ctrl+G (previously D was in conflict with display of OSD)
- rewritten output pin of teletext decoder, so it should work properly with VMR7 and VMR9, added support for ARGB32 format, compatible with ATV3 teletext decoder

Download it here.
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ATV3 released
Posted by Mike on Tue 20.May.2008, 16:05 (8225 reads)
Topic: Software

Released new version of ATV3, digital DVB-T viewer.

- fixed querying of demodulator, now we try connect all demodulators for selected tuner
- EPG viewer now shows guide in better form
- EPG viewer shows tuned station by default
- EPG data are saved for next run
- added ability to assign icon to stations
- added basic OSD with possibility to display time and current station
- fixed some bugs in teletext decoder

You can download it here.
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First public (experimental) version of ATV3 released
Posted by Mike on Mon 07.Apr.2008, 6:04 (8499 reads)
Topic: Software

Here is first version of ATV3 - digital (DVB-T) viewer, still under development and preview release only. Implemented main functionality for reception, teletext and EPG. There is no OSD and no capture, it will be implemented in future versions. It requires DVB-T card with BDA drivers, DirectX 9 and ffdshow installed. Release notes:

- first public release
- implemented main functionality for viewing of video stream
- needed Video Mixing Renderer 9 (VMR9) for future functionality
- needed ffdshow video decoder
- implemented DVB sections reader for channel scanning and EPG
- rewritten teletext decoder filter from ATV2000 to support VMR9 mixing (some bugs expected for use with ATV2000, so it is not recommended to use ATV2000 and ATV3 at the same time with teletext)
- implemented base EPG data viewing, will be rewritten

You can download it here.
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Calculator Plus 1.25.3 released
Posted by Mike on Fri 28.Mar.2008, 6:33 (8268 reads)
Topic: Software

Released new version of Calculator Plus, it fixes some bugs related to formula input. You can download it here.
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APL2000 released
Posted by Mike on Wed 12.Mar.2008, 6:14 (7914 reads)
Topic: Software

May be you ask, why the updates takes so long. The main reason is incoming in our family - my daughter Alice. Second reason is my switch to Linux as my first OS, which took a lot of time. And last but not least is it my work.

But the development was not stopped. As the analog TV will be switched off in 1-2 years, i experiment with new version of ATV, but for DVB-T reception. Sure it will be free and it will have some uncommon features like ATV2000. It you want i speed up my work, please donate ;)

OK, here is another update - for APL2000. The main change is adding of video analysis. With this i have done some video codec tests (you can see it here). So what's new:
- replaced video statistics to video analyze - bitrate, histogram and DCT coefficients
- fixed crash on video statistics (now analyze)
- can save obtained data to text file
- disabling preview in analyze will discard video decompressor, so bitrate statistics is very fast
- enabled video bitrate on windows media video - it seems to work, previously it doesn't due to bug (?) in MS's filters
- can save results of analysis
- can process more files for analysis at once
- added support for Nero Digital format and AviSynth source
- added support for VP7 codec

Download it here.
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ATV2000 released
Posted by Mike on Wed 02.May.2007, 18:49 (8489 reads)
Topic: Software

After some time new version of ATV2000, what's new:
- fixed crash on startup with some audio mixers
- added new shortcuts to set aspect ratios, D and Ctrl+D for 16:9, I and Ctrl+I for 24:10
Download it here.
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Remote control plugin for ARC2000
Posted by Mike on Wed 02.May.2007, 18:45 (8332 reads)
Topic: Software

Jeroni Paul has created plugin RC800 for ARC2000 for TV capture cards based on BT8x8, CX2388x, SAA713x and SAA7146 chips with remote on the GPIO ports. Homepage is here, download it here. Thank you!
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Capture cards database launched
Posted by Mike on Mon 18.Dec.2006, 9:14 (8651 reads)
Topic: News

Because of upcoming site redesign of TV Freak, where the capture cards database was stored previously, and the database will no longer be available, it was moved to this site. I hope you will find it usefull and also you can help to add new cards. You can find it here.
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Support for hardware MPEG encoder with Hauppauge WinTV HVR1300
Posted by Mike on Sat 19.Aug.2006, 0:35 (8995 reads)
Topic: Software

If you have Hauppauge WinTV HVR1300 TV card, you can use ATV2000 to capture with the hardware MPEG encoder. Just download this container.
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Firefox ahead of Internet Explorer?
Posted by Mike on Wed 16.Aug.2006, 21:21 (8736 reads)
Topic: Software

What a surprice, if you look at this site's statistics, you will see Mozilla and Netscape exceed in usage Internet Exprorer with 50% vs. 40%. I know many people using Mozilla Firefox, so i don't believe IE using more people than Mozilla as reported by many stats-companies. Or may be it is little misrepresent because of kind of this site visitors?
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ATV2000 is here
Posted by Mike on Wed 19.Jul.2006, 21:49 (8827 reads)
Topic: Software

New version of ATV2000 comes with those changes:
- fixed media type connection and access violation error in teletext decoder when conecting to VMR pin 0 in some cases (was not affected in ATV2000, but it was bug)
- device remembered also as index - support for more video capture devices with the same name in WDM
Download it here.
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APL2000 released
Posted by Mike on Fri 14.Jul.2006, 13:27 (8376 reads)
Topic: Software

Here is new version of APL2000 player, what's new:
- updated teletext decoder to newest version, which fixes some memory leaks and supports CXxxxx video capture chips
- added playback speed rate
- added MPEG-1 decoder specification and enables ffdshow to decode MPEG formats too
Download it here.
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ATV2000 released
Posted by Mike on Sat 08.Jul.2006, 20:08 (8517 reads)
Topic: Software

Did you think the ATV2000 project is dead? No it isn't. Here is another update to version with those changes:
- fixed memory leak in teletext decoder
- teletext decoder supports cards with CX23xxx chipset
- added cropped 16:9 and 24:10 aspect ratio modes to WDM
Download it here.

Also this program stays on fundamental "crossroad". It is obvious, that the VfW interface is the past. Please let me know, if you are using it already or should i remove it from the package. It is important for next development and DVB-T implementation. Please vote in the poll.
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Kapesni Slovnik Ucitel
Posted by Mike on Thu 08.Jun.2006, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

Well, after some time i finished another software for PocketPC , it is available only in czech version, because it is add-on for Czech dictionary by Peak. It works like today screen plugin, more and download here.

Many of you recognized STUPID forum posts from spammers. So you can expect in upcoming weeks release of new site with new forum and removing of all unwelcome posts. The site will be based on PHP-Nuke and phpbb forum. But this will be brand new release with many improvements, much more speed, more security and more features. The login will be based on phpbb and will remove many bugs and "wrong features" of PHP-Nuke. Of course it will be open source. So stay tuned!
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Anniversary 1.01
Posted by Mike on Wed 15.Mar.2006, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

Updated Anniversary for PocketPC to 1.01 - decreased refresh time to 7 seconds, faster refresh after powering up
Download it here.
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Posted by Mike on Mon 06.Feb.2006, 23:00 (0 reads)
Topic: Software

New version of ATV2000 released. What's new:
- added enumaration of kernel audio devices (AverTV M150)
- fixed switching of audio devices
- improved saturation and hue control in BT8x8 module (by ladarozan - thx)
You can download it here. Also released container for Aver M150 cards for MPEG recording, look here.
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