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TV viewing and capture application for analog tuners using VfW or WDM drivers. Supports teletext, video and audio filtering, deinterlace, image capture and more.

ATV2000 is new generation of TV viewing and capture application based on the old ATV, but with a reworked core. All is build around the new control panel, which provides tuning, video and audio control. Other parts are Video for Window (VfW) and WDM based capture parts with On Screen Display (OSD), but it can coexist with any other capture application like PowerVCR, Windows Media Encoder etc., but giving better TV control. Other advantages are teletext, capture profiles, scheduler, video filters, deinterlace, image capture and more. It works under Windows 95/98/ME and Windows 2000/XP. Windows NT4 is not supported (due to lack of DirectX).

  • Skins - ATV2000 support skins, if you are interested in creating one, it is VERY simple, just go to your paint program (paint shop pro etc.) and make the new image, then create new file name.skn and adjust button and display positions on top of it. it's easy. (please send it to me to publish, thx) Want more skins?
  • Icons - You can assign a TV icon to any TV station, just select from the included icons or create you own as bitmap image of size 32x16 and copy it to TVIcons directory (please send it to me to publish, thx). There are many on the internet, just resize it to 32x16 ....
  • Language support - choose your favorite language, now supports Czech, English, Hungarian, Italian, Romania, Russian, Spanish (if your language is not listed, please translate English.lng file and send it to me, I will add it to the next release, thanks)
  • Player - play directly your captured video in the same window
  • OSD Menu - is duplication of the main menu useful if you control program via remote
  • Image capture - just press the 'S' key and the image is stored to disk
  • Video capture - capture to AVI, can be extended for Ogm, Matroska, MPEG etc., from any capture device including DV devices to any installed compressor, Want more containers?
  • VBI capture - can capture raw VBI data or decoded teletext or hidden subtitles from teletext
  • Capture profiles - under WDM you can store preferred capture settings to profiles - includes video size, encoding, compression, audio preferences and compression, AVI settings etc.
  • Capture statistics - under WDM there is more detailed statistics about capture - current and average video and audio bitrate with history graph
  • DV Capture - direct capture from DV devices to any compressor
  • Video filters - supports DirectShow video filters under WDM, filters included: Special effects (red, green, blue, negative, blur ...), Deinterlace (Weave and Bob with extended processing, more in the future) Want more video filters?
  • Audio filters - supports DirectShow audio filters under WDM, no filters included yet Want more audio filters?
  • Closed caption - uses Closed Caption decoder from Microsoft, so you will need to install DirectX8 DV Update (download from Microsoft) - (WDM only)
  • Teletext - new Teletext decoder included from PR12. The first one and fully working teletext same as on your TV! Implemented Level 1.5 decoder for diacritics in many languages. (WDM only)
  • Bitrate statistics - while capturing you can see current bitrate of video and audio
  • Scheduler - scheduler is part of ARC2000 and supports shutdown and wake up (under WDM). So you can schedule recording and the PC wakes up in selected time, capture video and shutdown again. It's easy. (ATX computer and supported motherboard required!)

If you have problems, try first this:
1. Always use last version of ATV2000
2. Run ATV2000 with parameter /log (ATV2000.exe /log)
3. Make the problematic action
3. Send me created log file atv.log
4. In mail describe where is the problem, what causes it etc.
5. Also include your OS, graphics card, TV card and drivers

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