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Vegas filters
Sony Vegas video filters and transitions

Sony Vegas is nonlinear video editor with many features and the best user interface, which is very customizable and easy. It has only one disadvantage - absence of good filters for picture adjustment. So i wrote some ... More information about Vegas you can find on Sony Pictures Media Software website.

Auto Levels
version 1.0.2
The AutoLevels filter works stretching the levels separately for Red, Green and Blue. The output color-temperature can be corrected using "Red", "Green" and "Blue" values. Also it is possible to reduce stretching among colors with Correction parameter (zero will stretch based on less corrected color and 100 for full RGB stretching). Get source code here.
Levels Correction
version 1.0
The Levels Correction filter is based on Auto Levels filter, but it can freeze correction in time. Get source code here.
Smart Smoother
version 1.22
This filter provides smooth/blur effect, but tries not to destroy picture structure. It is like Edge preserving smooth filter from Pain Shop Pro 7. This filter is based on Smart Smoother filter version 1.1 for VirtualDub and is MMX optimized, so MMX capable processor is required (K6/Athlon/Duron/Pentium/Celeron). Get source code here.
Dynamic Noise Reduction
version 1.0.1
This filter removes noise, filtering is done across time axis. This filter is based on DNR filter for VirtualDub
and is MMX optimized, so MMX capable processor is required (K6/Athlon/Duron/Pentium/Celeron). Get source code here.
Smart Deinterlace
version 1.0.3
This filter removes interlacing in video. Use it when converting DV or other interlaced material to DivX, XViD or other video codecs, that work with progressive source only. Get source code here.
TV Out
version 1.0.1
Creates overlay surface and draws incoming data to it. Enable DVDMax or Cinema mode (depends on graphics card type) to output that surface to TV Out of your graphics card in full screen. The card must support YUY2 overlays. Tested on Matrox G450 and nVidia Geforce FX5700.
Bouncing Ball transitions.

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