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Tue 23.Jul.2024, 1:00

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Some programs for PocketPC devices.

Yes it's here. I joined to people with this fantastic device, my personal calendar, contacts database, map navigator, translator, book reader, editor, games console, media player, ... But some programs are missing for me, so i wrote some, maybe it will be usefull for you too.

Today screen plugin, which shows accu status and computes estimated remaining time. It also shows elapsed battery time and estimated total battery time.
Czech version
Today screen plugin, which shows today and tomorrow name-day and checks contacts for birthday and anniversary date and shows its names on today page.
Czech only:
Kapesni slovnik ucitel
Plugin na obrazovku dnes, který vypisuje náhodne vybraná slovícka, lze zvolit jejich pocet a frekvence obnovování, vhodné pro trvalé ucení nových slovícek. Spolupracuje pouze se Kapesním slovníkem od Peak, musí se nainstalovat do stejného adresáre jako tento slovník.

This is czech version of today plugin, which shows randomly generated vocabularies from Dictionary by Peak. Can select number of vocs and frequency of generation.

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